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I Want it Now!


By: Shea Harris

Here lately I’ve been really trying to calm my nerves. Every time God presents me with an idea, I’m ready to jump into it right then and there. Whenever I see a dollar amount that I’d love to have, I want it right then and there. When it comes to anything that I want in my life: it can be materialistic or non-materialistic, I want it. I’ve been trying to weed myself off of this whole instant gratification wave. As a millennial I see accomplishments that can be made in a certain amount of time. Instead of taking my time to get to those accomplishments and sitting through the process, I always want to rush it so I can reap the benefits. It doesn’t help that social media has people portraying instant results or using phrases such as get instant results!

I can only speak for myself, but I’m a bit impatient when it comes to getting what I want. Once I receive what I want, I then want something else. I barely take time out to appreciate what I have in that very moment. I’m always trying to find and search for things to make my life better. Whenever I get what I want and need in my life, I go back asking for more. I always express this fear of getting too comfortable and stagnant in my life but the truth is, I don’t know how to enjoy things. I don’t mean enjoying the fair, a concert or movie. I mean enjoying where I’m at in that moment.

When I lived in Durham, NC, I didn’t really take time to enjoy and see the full potential that the city had to offer me. I honestly was there for work and knew I wouldn’t be there forever. I didn’t actually start to enjoy the city and explore until about 3 months before I moved to Miami. Yes I went to the movies and the mall on my own, but I didn’t tour the Duke Botanical Gardens, hike Eno River State Park or get lost in the city. I pretty much went to work, went to the gym and chilled in my apartment. I didn’t take time out to get to know myself. I was so ready to leave Durham that I didn’t realize the beauty of it until it was too late.

At least once a month I was in Charlotte to see family and friends. I didn’t care about my time in Durham because I knew it was temporary. I made sure that I was making moves and decisions that would push me to progress. Instead of sitting in the moment, I rushed the process and didn’t fully understand why I was placed in Durham. I’d like to think it was to learn more about my industry and bring it to Miami, but I definitely could’ve made a larger impact on people in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Remember to take your time and sit through your transitions. Don’t rush the progress to be made. Rushing into things can often cause you to miss out on others. Take your time and know that progress is a timely thing.


I Have a Job…Now What?

i finally have a

By: Shea Harris

For the past 2.5 years I have been a contractor at two separate companies. At the first establishment, I didn’t have any benefits. I was on my parents medical insurance, I didn’t get paid time off, nor was I paid for Holidays. The second establishment, I had amazing benefits: medical insurance, dental insurance, paid time off and I was paid for Holidays! The only downfall was that insurance was too dag on expensive. I hated they took out so much money every two weeks for insurance.

It’s been 1 year and 3 months since I moved to Miami and I finally have a full time job with a salary and amazing benefits! Don’t get me wrong, as a contractor each company treated me like I was a full time employee but it’s something about finally getting the words STAFF on your ID badge. It might be a bit petty, but Lord knows I was tired of seeing CONTRACTOR on my badge every time I reached for it. To add on to the excitement, HR called me the first week of 2017 to let me know I would be converted to a full time staff member (talk about an amazing start to 2017)!

As I accepted the offer I was a bit intimidated with what was coming: I would only be getting paid once a month. Yes, you read that correctly. ONCE. A. MONTH. Ever since I moved to Miami, my coworkers let me know that’s what would occur when I was converted, but my goodness! Preparing for what was to come is completely different than living in it. I’m hopeful that getting paid once a month will help me learn how to budget though. I’ve been trying to budget since 2014, but I’ve failed at it miserably. As I’m typing this post I’m too anxious for March 31st to come so my direct deposit will hit. It is a bit sad though that I’m ready to swipe my card for some retail therapy.

Besides my payment schedule changing, the price of my insurance (medical, dental and vision) has decreased tremendously! When I looked at the total of my insurance and realized all that I would receive, I thought it was a joke. Having bomb benefits just gives me a different outlook on how blessed I am to have this position. I’ve taken on a bit more responsibility, which sounds like a con but its not. All the new things I’m doing will be placed on my resume. I’m meeting more people, building relationships and gaining more knowledge. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge in Clinical Research and continue climbing the ladder of success.