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There Is No Competition


By: Shea Harris

One of my favorite mixtapes by Fabolous is There Is No Competition 2. I listened to it on the way to work today and honestly forgot how much I loved it. Now I know you’re probably reading this like Fabolous? Girl whet?! To be honest, this man is one of the most underrated musicians whose been out since the early 2000’s. After listening, to get hype for work, I started thinking about some of the songs and applied it to my work life. The mixtape has 20 songs, but I won’t be covering them all. I’m just going to pick some of my fav’s. Let’s jump into it!

Body Ya

The whole purpose of this mixtape is to inform listeners, folks in the industry and his peers know that he has no competition. This song solely focuses on staying ahead of everyone and ignoring those who are hating or envious. As soon as this song comes on, I start spitting the lyrics like I’m Fab (it’s a bit embarrassing). It’s only right that when we walk into the work place we acknowledge that we are not competing with our coworkers. You are in your own lane for a reason and have your designated responsibilities because you’re great at it! You’re out hear bodying your work related tasks regardless of what unforeseen circumstances may come up. You’re already killing your industry with your confidence, but the added touch of your personality and work ethic buries the naysayers.

Popular Demand

You know how those naysayers won’t let you prosper at work sometimes? Okay let me explain. You have a bomb idea and you express it, but nothing ever comes from it—naysayers not allowing you to prosper. There’s a reason why issues continue to arise and you keep repeating yourself. You’re knowledge, ideas and expertise is back time and time again in the office. I know it can become frustrating to repeat yourself but trust and believe, someone is taking note of everything you’re saying. Change doesn’t happen over night and its rare for new ideas to be implemented as soon as you share them. People come to you and ask for your input because it’s a popular opinion and I’m sure others demand it as well.

For The Money

I mean let’s be honest, it’s nice to be valued and all but you’re really doing this for the money. Work can start wearing and tearing you up at times, but baby you need this to pay bills. You can’t just up and quit because you’re annoyed and not getting paid enough. Now go ahead and jump ship all you want, but make sure the next gig is paying you what you’re worth. If you can help it, try not to just take a job for the money. Make sure passion, love and appreciation are behind the acceptance of your career in your industry. Nothing is more trash than working somewhere that you strongly dislike.

Have any of you listened to this mixtape? Which songs are your fav?

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂