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Groupon Coupons


When I moved from North Carolina to South Florida, I knew I would have to be careful with my money. The cost of living doubled, the miles on my car increased and everything around me just seemed really expensive. For a while, I stayed away from shopping because it was tempting to just swipe my card on unnecessary items. Over time I finally began to go into the mall and actually purchase items that I needed.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m all about saving money. Whenever I go shopping I go straight to the sales/clearance rack to see if I can find a few hidden gems. For the most part, I find a few items that have been picked over and I can add them to my wardrobe. What I didn’t realize was that I can gain an additional amount of savings if I used the Groupon app!

I usually use Groupon to find sales in the surrounding areas for local businesses, but I never thought to use it for department stores. Now that I know Groupon offers discounts and exclusive sales with well known stores, I’ll have to take advantage of the app even more. Recently I bought a pair of navy blue Style & Co. Slim-Fit Belted Pants from Macy’s to add to my wardrobe for work. The best part about the Groupon app is that the discounts can be used in stores or online.

When’s the last time you used Groupon and what for?

DISCLOSURE:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.