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What she order, fish fillet?

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By: Shea Harris

For a few months, I’ve been on this healthy kick and I can’t seem to let it go. In my previous blog post about fitness, I spoke about my four week journey with #OperationGetFineAF. After completing the challenge, unfortunately I wasn’t as active as I should have been. I didn’t necessarily gain weight, but I did lose my muscle tone from the challenge. The only thing that saved me from gaining weight was lent. For those who are unsure of lent, it is a time of sacrifice from ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday (40 days). During this time I sacrificed meat and sweets/desserts. I know y’all are probably reading this post like “girl whet?!” But yes, for 40 days I gave up the two things I absolutely love the most.

I’ll be honest, I had two slip ups during lent with the meat part but other than that I was good. Having no sweets/desserts was not that much of a challenge, but it was very tempting, especially when Publix had a 2 for $7 deal on Talenti Gelato. As a person who loves pork chops, steaks, burgers and other deliciousness I took it upon myself to become a pescatarian for lent. I am huge seafood lover and I must say I had some of the best meals during this time, especially since I’m located in Miami.

As long as I cooked my own meals and avoided swiping my debit card, the price didn’t really differ as I took on the pescatarian journey. The only thing I felt uncomfortable and uneasy about was having dinner with my peers. I’m not a picky person at all but with me sacrificing the main source of protein majority of my peers eat, I became that pain in the butt. My response to every restaurant was “as long as they serve seafood or a vegetarian option, we can go”. I hate being a picky person, but at the same time I’m trying to live as long as my great grandmother did (she was 100 years old).

After awhile I didn’t put that much thought into being one of the few people that was pescatarian, I actually began brag about it. I took so much pride in being able to give up such a major part of my diet. Instead of me saying “oh I cant wait to eat chicken and pork chops on Easter”, I said quite the opposite. On Easter Sunday, I ate seafood gumbo for dinner and welcomed my family to join me on this lifestyle change. I’m proud to say that after Easter Sunday, I am still going strong as a pescatarian. Now as far as the fitness part goes, I just started going back to the gym on a regular basis this past Monday (the Lord is still working on me y’all).

Did you give up anything for lent? If so, what was it? Are you a pescatarian or vegetarian? Let me know in the comment box below! 🙂