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3 Lessons

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By: Shea Harris

I can’t believe we are FINALLY moving! Okay, let me not get too ahead of myself. Ever since I started this job in September of 2015, my manager informed me our building was getting renovated and we would be moving to a different floor. Well the day is finally here! Majority of my department will be moving to a different floor in our building. Our new office has brand new furniture, utilities, appliances, you name it!

The whole process of waiting for this day has been a bit dragged out, but I’m glad! I’ve been able to focus on my studies, organize a bit better and gain more knowledge over the past 10 months. As my department prepped for this move, I couldn’t help but become a bit overwhelmed. I had monitors coming to visit during this time, meetings back to back, I needed to pack, it was just becoming a bit much. But during this time, I’ve learned a few things.

Take Things One Day At A Time

Over time I was so worried about when we were moving, where my monitors would be located, where my new seat was, etc., I almost lost sight of things. I needed to take deep breaths and put one foot in front of the other. As fires were beginning to build, I had to put them out one day at a time. I couldn’t look too much towards the future because everything in the present was too important. I couldn’t stress about things that were not complete because I had far more important things to be concerned about.

Organization Is Key

As I packed boxes for out move, I made sure I labeled my boxes with specific content (study number, principal investigator name, etc.). I didn’t want to start off in a new location with my whole work life in shambles. I needed to make sure all of the items I packed would make it to my new work area. In 2015 I was organized, now not so much. I want to start off organized in this new work area and stay organized so that things don’t end up is disarray.

Don’t Depend On Others

I am accountable for myself. I can’t depend on others to make sure my items make it to the new station. I can’t depend on others to know the status of my trials or how I keep everything in order. Everyone has a different way of doing things and Lord knows I’m a bit different when it comes to certain things. In order for me to be confident about where all my items are going, I made my own inventory list to make sure I would hold myself accountable for the items I packed.


These three simple things I’ve learned probably don’t seem like much, but they’ve been helpful. I’m excited about this move and I’m excited about where my career is taking me. I feel like the lessons I learned can be applied to many aspects of life, but especially your career. Any lessons you’d like to share? Comment below! 🙂