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Sometimes I just want to give up…


Sometimes I want want to.jpg

By: Shea Harris

As a new entrepreneur, I’ve found myself becoming frustrated with the way business is going. My sales aren’t producing the way I imagined them, my stress levels have slightly increased, and my well known momentum of positivity has begun to dwindle. I’ve vented to people in my tribe and Lord knows they’ve checked me a few times. I honestly have become frustrated with my business and sometimes I’ve tried to convince myself to give up. I know success doesn’t happen over night but Lord have mercy this is just a bit ridiculous to me.

I’m not the type to easily give up, but because this is a new challenge it’s a different story. I don’t necessarily compare myself to my peers because I truly believe I am my own competition, but I do weary looking at my stats and sales page. I know I can’t just up and quit my 9 to 5 tomorrow but it seems like that day will never come. Every day in my cubicle, I pull out my planner and notebook to jot down ideas and events I plan to attend. Every day I think about how much time I could spend creating and changing lives, but the goal seems intangible.

I can’t and wont bring myself to calling it a dream because let’s face it, a dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. The things I imagine for my business aren’t dreams, they are goals that will be reached and can be reached. Sometimes the whole imposter syndrome seems to get the best of me. I end up psyching out myself. I tell myself why would they want your services? There’s so many people out there that do the same thing and have a bigger following. The only thing that keeps me on track is reminding myself that there’s only one Shea. I am truly an incredible person and I don’t give myself enough credit.

In order to reach my clients and audience I have to continue being honest and transparent. I will continue setting myself apart and being myself. I know I will gain some readers and lose some, but I can’t do anything about that. The only thing that I know is being true to who I am. I will continue giving you all my raw and honest opinion about things as I continue this journey of entrepreneurship. It’s not easy to keep my head up during these frustrating times, but blogging and getting out of my apartment helps with the trying times.