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Anxiety attack? 😳

Nearly Had an Anxiety Attack during Art Basel.png

By: Shea Harris

It’s been one week since Art Basel and I must say this year was a bit different than last year. One of the main differences was that I had company come in town and I had to deal with anxiety. Let’s be clear, I’ve never really been one to face anxiety unless it was finals week. I haven’t had to take a final in over 2 years, so you already know I was tripping.

The anxiety came down to me having to entertain people during one of the busiest times in Miami. I’ve entertained guests before, but Art Basel is completely different. During Art Basel season, there are parties, concerts, art showcases and several events for one week straight. Did I mention there’s little to no sleep? It’s one of the most amazing experiences (if you do it right). It’s safe to say I didn’t make it to every event I wanted to attend, but the ones I did attend were absolutely amazing.

Myself and friends started event hopping Thursday night (as soon as their plane landed). I think its safe to say that Thursday was a flop. Usually I don’t mind certain events but because I had company with me I wanted to make sure they had a great time. Thursday night, well Friday morning, I only slept for 3 hours and had to be at work. All day in my cubicle I couldn’t help but to think oh gosh, what if they aren’t having a good time?

I got so caught up in worrying about if they were enjoying themselves that I nearly caused myself to have an anxiety attack. When I was supposed to be napping Friday after work, I was up messing with my laptop doing some insane searching. When I was supposed to be relaxing, I was worried about what could possibly happen in the next 4 hours. I drove myself crazy that weekend. I ultimately lost the momentum and heart to enjoy myself during the most poppin’ weekend because I was too worried about what might happen.

The lack of sleep, worrying and running around ultimately lead to me being sick for a whole week. Thank God I’m feeling better, but it all came down to me not taking care of myself. I kept trying to please my friends and worried myself into a hole of sickness. I most definitely learned my lesson though. There’s no way to entertain people if I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. I have to remember it’s okay to be selfish and concerned with my health.

Have any of you been close to an anxiety attack or actually had one? How did you recover? How have you avoided them? I’d love for you to let me know!



Art Basel 2015


By: Shea Harris

The month of December brought me tons of excitement and great connections. The first week of December in Miami was Art Basel. This event brought many artists and musicians to the Wynwood District. Wynwood during any time of the year is an amazing experience alone, but with Art Basel taking over I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I RSVP’ed to numerous events to ensure I would be able to enter the multiple venues.

A lot of the events I RSVP’ed to were not guaranteed entry. Out of all of the events, I really wanted to attend the Bacardi House Party on December 4th. The house party featured Pusha T on this particular night and I was determined to see him perform. I had never seen Pusha T live, but I just remember how excited I was to play My Name is My Name (MNIMN) in my car as soon as I purchased it. Friday morning came and I received a smooth decline for the invite. All I could think to myself was WHAT A TIME TO BE DENIED! *in my Future voice*. Literally everyone around me received access to the party and I was looking like “Boo Boo the Fool.” Little did I know, my friends had a plus one for their RSVP’s. I was in there like swim wear!

Everywhere I turned, there was free liquor and good vibes around me. The DJ kept up the momentum to bring out the headliner and there were no complaints. I will say I was caught off guard when I heard Dope Chick by The Dream. I was standing in line, getting more liquor, and saw my friends run straight for the stage. I’m not going to lie I was a little intoxicated so it didn’t really register that The Dream was performing 20 feet away from me. The Dream performed hits such as Shawty Is Da Sh*t, Rockin That Sh*t and I Luv Your Girl. Before I could even grasp the fact The Dream was in front of my face, here comes Fabolous! All I could think was “Pusha T hasn’t even hit the stage yet!” Fabolous performed his Shawty Is Da Sh*t verse and a few songs from his mixtape.

After Fabolous did a few songs Pusha T came out and performed Clipse hits, MNIMN singles and even Good Music hits! The performances, from what I remember, were way above my expectations. The setting was intimate and well planned out. There was definitely enough room for more people, but I think that would’ve altered the vibes of the party. I’m so glad my friends were clutch with that plus 1 because I would’ve been so hurt if I didn’t attend this event! I attended more events, but I will say this was the most memorable.