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A.R.T. Live Summer Style


By: Shea Harris

A little over a week ago, A.R.T. Live Summer Styles swept over North Miami with dance, fashion and art. If you’re unfamiliar with their events, be sure to check out my last post about them! The building was filled with vendors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists and fashion designers. After a week full of events, I was most definitely looking forward to this! Unlike the rest of Miami, A.R.T. Live focuses on being prompt and punctual. This is the second event I have attended and trust me, the event started on time! Prior to the start of the event, I was fortunate to interview three of the featured guests.

Fab Amoré, the head of More Than a Mannequin, launched the styling firm in 2013. The catchy name comes from the central idea that the fashion industry does just dress a mannequin. The model is always the face, but styling is more important. She has been drawing since 8 years old. A simple doodle at a young age allowed her vision to come to life. As she grew, her attention to detail did as well.

More Than a Mannequin allows stylists to submit garments to the online boutique and receive commission. The boutique is more about buying outfits instead of pieces. Not only are you able to choose from various styles, but you know exactly who your stylist is. Social media and the great deal of bloggers allow for this boutique to gain exposure. Fab is joined by Adrii, junior stylist, and Emily, fashion PR, to expand the focus of the boutique. Be on the look out for the expansion of the boutique in 2017 to more stylists!

After meeting with one of the fashion designers, I was introduced to the only young woman who performed a musical selection, Tyrie. This young lady has been singing since the age of four and like all our favorite singers, she started in the church. She graduated from the Dillard’s Performing Arts Program this past year and plans on attending college this fall to major in accounting.

She has always had this God given gift and will never leave it. Over the years she has had mentors, from family to counselors. Her support system encourages her to not waste her gift and continue to use it. She is considered to be a mezzo soprano & alto. Although she suggests she lost her soulful feeling when she focused on technique, I couldn’t tell once she hit the first note of the night. I can’t wait to hear more of this young lady!

Last but not least I was able to interview LeNubian Dance Inc. In April of 2016, the four young ladies decided to come together as a group: Katiuscia, Marguericke, Kish’a Nykhole and Cassandra. Their purpose is to empower youth to embrace afro-haitian culture. The young ladies perform at shows, do workshops and host dance classes across Florida. The inspiration for their name came from different cultures in African decent and a well known singer who spoke French and sang in Creole. The singer pretty much embodied the whole essence of their goal and Le Nubian Inc. was born!

In order for individuals to become informed about the dance group, they reach out to non-profit organizations to conduct workshops, fundraising events and cultural events reach out to them as well. As a group, the four of them come together to choreograph and design their costumes. The style is referred to as Afro-Haitian Modern dance. The long term goal for the group is to own a dance studio in South Florida, eventually go global, conduct a dance workshop in Haiti for 20 girls and teach kids in New York. Feel free to check out Le Nubian Inc.!

Unfortunately, I was unable to interview all the featured guests at A.R.T. Live Summer Styles. Everyone did such a beautiful job and put forth so much effort! I can not wait until the next event. Keep up with A.R.T. Live and don’t get left behind!

A special thank you to the vendors at the event: