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My name is Shea and I help young professionals and creatives turn their passions into vibrant opportunities by guiding them through each step to reach the ultimate goal. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed helping people get to where they want to be. I started my blog to help myself and help others through whatever they were going through. I’ve stayed true to that statement and I won’t drift away from it!



After contemplating a new strategy for my business, specifically the creation of a new passive income product, I knew Shea would be the best resource and investment for my brand. Once I expressed my passions, strengths and aspirations,  Shea helped me build a tiered approach to building out my passive income product. Her attention to detail and her willingness to help you manifest your ideas into tangible action steps, working with Shea was the best thing to happen to my business! I am so thankful for her.

~Chakayla J. Taylor

I communicate with clients via telephone calls and emails to make sure they are working on their goals.  Through this communication, I’m able to build a strong relationship with them in order to see the vision all the way through. Often times creators are stuck on the scope of the vision, but don’t dig into detail. My consultation services give creators insight to the consumer side. I dig deep and inquire about techniques the client may not think of in order to ensure confidence with their targeted audience.


Shea is great! She’s very informative and helpful when I reach out to her for information. Being a young freelance photographer and videographer, I move around a lot and it is critical to soak up as much information as possible. I made a trip to Miami mid-June and she was very helpful in making sure I knew what was what. She even sent me a “guide” for possible places to fly in and out of, where to rent a car, places to see, what type of food was around and much more. It was the insight I needed to efficiently utilize my short time in Miami.

Upon leaving Miami, I have had serious thoughts of relocation my life and business to South Florida. She has given me great pointers on how to approach the job market and where to look for certain things. Even in premature thought, she has been a great help. As I continue to push forward in life and business I’ll be sure to reach out to Shea for more great knowledge.

~Keenan Hairston

A lot of millennials see I made the huge jump to leave North Carolina for Florida and want to know how to take that leap. Through my experience as a millennial, I have encouraged my peers and set aside one on one teleconferences to to help individuals network, search for jobs and review their products. I am the go-to person because let’s be honest, I keep it real with people. The two essential things individuals want and need are honesty and time, both which I provide.

It was a pleasure working with Shea on my BKdreammz “Crooked Crown mini tote” review. I appreciated her review’s honesty and detail. Shea captured the essence of the product and it’s functions as simple as they be. I look forward to working with her again.

~Cheya Thou

If you are interested in working together, send an email to with the subject line: Services.