For the past few months I’ve been supporting small businesses heavily, especially black ones. When unique and quaint items are presented in front of you, you can’t help but to look more into them. As a creative, I can honestly say I haven’t had a bad run in with any of the businesses I’ve supported so far.

I first met the owner of BKDreammz, Cheya, at a fitness event a few months back. Our initial encounter was like we’d already known each other and that holds true to even now. I had no clue she was working towards this line of tote bags, tee’s and more!  The moment she reached out to me about reviewing the product, I knew I had to check it out!

BKdreammz was inspired by my hometown, Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to create products that reminded me of being bold, beautiful and brainy (just like my city). This collection is for every woman who knows her worth even when her crown is a little crooked. The canvas mini tote is the go to weekend bag. It is just big enough to hold a few items and not too cumbersome! There is a small, but big, statement on the bag that represents a beautiful woman busy catching her dreammz (the  sole purpose of the dream catcher earring).


It took me sometime to figure out exactly what I wanted to place in the tote bag because I usually carry around a back pack or a wristlet. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how to reach a happy median with bags, but I finally figured it out. This past weekend I visited my hometown, Charlotte, NC, and y’all I carried this bag around with me everywhere I went! Even when the bag didn’t necessarily go with my outfit, I still strutted around town with it!

On Saturday morning I went to work out with my mom and I knew I had a crap ton of things to bring. The size of items I needed to bring were too big for a wristlet and very few items to be placed in a book bag. Instead of stressing over where I’d place these items, I grabbed my Crooked Crown mini tote bag. I packed my tote bag with my camera, flip flops, water bottle, wallet, sweat towel and carmex. I kid you not, I still had more room in my bag for more items! Even with all of those things in the bag, it was light and sturdy.

The 15 ½ in. x 2 ½ in. x 15 in. bag is made out of 100 % cotton and appears to be durable for washing. The accented colors (gold crown and pink lipstick) on the bag are just enough to compliment the young queen on the front of it. What made me feel most confident about wearing the bag was other black women telling me how much they loved it and how cute it was! Lately I’ve been carrying my back pack to work with all of my work essentials, but tomorrow that shall change. The bag makes a loud and valid point for black women without us uttering a word.

Be sure to follow Cheya on Instagram to keep up with her and all of her products!


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