March 2016


I have been able to meet and come across various types of creatives since I started blogging. In a city full of talented people, its hard to come across unique individuals. The creatives who grasp my attention are those who set themselves apart. I was introduced to Run Clothing about a month ago and clicking on the website caught my eyes. It’s not often you head over to a site and hear music to put you in a serene mood. Run Clothing is for men and women looking for high quality hoodies, t-shirts and hats. The catchy phrases and vibrant colors express the exact sentiments of millennials today.

“What inspired me to start my own line was to create my own idea of what I believe fashion should be, my desire to create products that will speak for the non-speakers , give a voice to the voiceless. The name RIGHT UNDER NOTHING has attitude within itself , stands for above all and that’s the mindset I hope to give my  consumers.”
Owner of Run Clothing
Be sure to check out Run Clothing for apparel!



Raleigh/Durham is the home of many underground artists in North Carolina. During my short time living in the area I was able to attend underground events featuring poets, rappers, singers and producers. It’s not difficult to come across talent in RDU and its impossible to forget those talents, such as theDeeepEnd. I’ve been listening to this artist since he was spitting poetry via FaceBook and slowly making his way to a microphone.

I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to music, but I can spot talent from a mile away. He has the charisma, voice and message that many music heads look forward to once the auxiliary cord is plugged in. I’ll stop right here before I get ahead of myself and let his music speak for itself.

Check out his new song Prosperity and the rest of his catalogue on SoundCloud!








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