Ten Thirty


By: Shea Harris

 Love to me is the recipe to life… It’s important to understand it. Because if all else fails, with that love you have for self, you will never be empty.

~Alisha, owner of Ten Thirty

 As a new Miami resident, I’m always intrigued by the fashion choices. Everyone here is unique with their style and has such grace rocking it. As a young lady who is always looking for new clothing avenues to test out, my attention was grasped by the clothing items at Ten Thirty. I looked at the home page and was immediately drawn into the delicate and precise stitching of each item. I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of Ten Thirty and was enlightened by her story within 5 minutes of our conversation.

The owner of Ten Thirty, Alisha, was destined to design and produce clothing. Her parents are in the fashion industry and the torch was passed down not only through their tools, but through finding her creative aspect. As a Toronto native the fashion industry surrounded her, but she didn’t always believe she would be apart of it. In high school she was more so focused on matching instead of making a statement through her clothing. That quickly changed.

Alisha began designing in 2009 and was determined to perfect her craft. Through various adversities in her life she continued to use her talent as a stepping stone towards healing, as well as opportunities to improve as a designer. In 2013 Ten Thirty was founded and began making bold statements for women. 2015 was the year to launch clothing for men in order for beaus to match the fly of their lady.




Throughout our interview I was inspired and amazed by each answer she responded with. When it comes to fabric Alisha can work with them all; it doesn’t matter if its tapestry, spandex or scuba material. The material isn’t the only unique quality Ten Thirty has, all of the clothing is made by hand. Alisha chooses to make everything by hand so she can be in touch with each item. As each piece is being made, she is basing them off of her story.

The customer will be able to see and feel the pain, struggle, joy, laughter and love Alisha has gone through without her having to utter a word. Although making these items by hand is tough, she expressed it is also easy. There are many hours put into these pieces of work and many emotions being distributed through them. As Ten Thirty continues to reach people, she is still amazed this is her business. The year of 2016 is Alisha’s time to be fearless. She is fearless with her work, creativity and individuals being receptive of her designs.

The new campaign on www.shoptenthirty.com encourages individuals to create their own vibes and stories. She wants customers to use her clothing as a way to make their own unique statements and make something out of it. These items are bold, rare and some people are scared to wear them. These specialized pieces are produced for people to step outside of the box and be fearless. It’s time for us to join Alisha and be fearless in not only our walk of life, but also in our choice of clothing.

Ten Thirty is destined for greatness and will be taking over South Florida before we know it. Be on the look out for the 2016 Summer showcase featuring a full collection of Men and Women clothing. Also, the Annual Ten Thirty Fashion Show Gala will be taking place in October of 2016.




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