Walking in Your Purpose


By: Chakayla Taylor

What doesn’t kill you Chakayla, makes you stronger. -Helena R. Taylor

The first piece of entrepreneurial advice, came from my mother. Most kids, at the age of eight, were most likely learning about how to do math, how to conform to classroom rules and how to stay focused and make good grades. Well, my mother was adamant that I learn much more than that. For most of my childhood in Englewood, New Jersey, my mother taught me the importance of educating myself so that I could hustle the RIGHT way and build a business so that I can leave a legacy.

Girlfriend, so not only was I learning how to count coins for elementary math class, but my mother was laying down my blueprint for success. Candidly, at the age of twenty-four, I am finally realizing that my mother was my first love, my first teacher and my first business coach who taught me how to walk in my purpose.

Powerful, right? There are times that I think about the ten years I’ve been gone from New Jersey and the legacy my mother left behind when I was only thirteen. I have always wanted to make her proud by going to college and becoming the business owner I was meant to be. Now, in 2016, I am on a fearless mission to teach women how to grab hold of their dreams and how to put in the work to make them happen. I guess this would also would be a fantastic time to introduce myself before we get into how YOU can begin to walk in your purpose this year.

Hello, my name is Chakayla of Chakayla J. Taylor Online and I help online female entrepreneurs and bloggers create loyal and profitable communities! But, I am also a motivator, confidant and friend to my community members and coaching clients. With that being said, seven years ago when I embarked on this blogging journey as a fashion blogger, I had no idea that I would turn into a coach and resource for women looking to build successful brands. I am here and I have a message that I will continue to share, for the rest of my career! And I am so blessed that Shea has allowed me to share her space and share with YOU, 4 Ways You Can Begin Walking In Your Purpose:

1. Be Vocal: Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed!


So, you want to be a business owner, lawyer, doctor, blogger or Etsy shop owner? Well my love, whatever you want to accomplish you must become vocal on those dreams. I am not telling you to spill out every detail on how you will get there, but speak your dreams into existence. If YOU do not believe them, how will others? You are your greatest asset, take time to cultivate those dreams and tell others all about it.

2. Get Up + Create … NOW!


How many times have you pushed back those ideas of starting a blog or traveling around the world? The more you push back, the more you are telling yourself that you are not worthy of success. So, if you have an idea, write it down and think of five steps that will help you get there.

3. Collaborate with Like-Minded Folks


Two birds of a feather flock together, and yes this is another quote my mother used a lot. But it is so true! When you surround yourself and work with folks who have similar visions, dreams and goals as you … you are setting yourself up for major success. Learning from other smart and dedicated business owners has been one of the highlights to my career.

4. Journal With A Purpose!


As of January, I have integrated journaling into my business must-dos! There is nothing like cracking open a notebook and writing down all of the things that WILL come into existence. Yes, this is an extra step in the morning or the evening, but I find that I am so focused and refreshed the next day!

How will you begin walking in your purpose in 2016?


5 thoughts on “Walking in Your Purpose

  1. I LOVE your post! Ive got an 8 year old, and I too am preparing her to become a business owner and leave a legacy behind. I do this by being an example and by using creative, age appropriate, ways to show her how she can put her gifts to use, be confident and get paid while doing so. Financial freedom and the freedom to be yourself is a wonderful thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so pleased and filled with joy when Chakayla decided to write this post. It truly brings things into perspective! I’m so glad you are showing your daughter how to begin walking in her purpose. Thanks for visiting!


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