Get it Right. Get it Tight.


By: Shea Harris

A few weeks ago I shared my Vision Board with you all in a blog post. In one corner of my board I pasted pictures of workout clothing, running shoes and the Planet Fitness logo. One of my goals for the year of 2016 is to be the healthiest version of myself. 30 days ago I began two challenges with Campbell University alum. For 30 days I participated in #OperationGetFineAF and I also said no to sweets and deserts.

When I started these challenges, I didn’t necessarily have an end goal. I honestly just wanted to push myself physically and mentally. I hadn’t really worked out this intense since about Thanksgiving. Once the holidays arrived, I didn’t have an urge to workout or even eat healthy. I was eating pints of Talenti Gelato through out the week. If you’ve ever had Talenti Gelato, you would understand why I had a problem kicking this bad habit.

One random Monday morning, I saw a fitness tweet from a fellow Campbell alum and I had to jump on it! The fitness challenge I participated in was #OperationGetFineAF, organized by Rudi Fate of Believe in Fate. Through this challenge each participant was encouraged to work out Monday through Friday, as well as eating specific things on certain days. In addition to this challenge, I also didn’t eat sweets or deserts during this time. Here is a sneak peak of what I did for the past 30 days:


No meat Mondays

Say no to all sweets Tuesdays

Turn up on a gallon of water Wednesdays

Eat yo 3 servings of veggies Thursdays

2 Servings of fruit Fridays




35 Jumping Jacks

30s High Knees

25 Sit-Ups

20 Mountain Climbers

15 Reverse Lunges per leg

10 Burpees without push-ups

15 Jump Squats

20 Superman

30s Butt Kicks

35s Plank


Not only did I complete the workouts Rudi provided throughout the week, but I also added cardio and weights. Once I added cardio and weights to #OperationGetFineAF, that’s when things got real. I began waking up being more sore than week 1 and my metabolism sped up. As I increased my mileage, I increased my speed as well.

Week 1 1.5 miles
Week 2 1.75 miles & weights
Week 3 2.0 miles & weights
Week 4 2.0 miles & weights

I enjoyed the challenges, but Lord knows I’m glad they are OVER (at least the no sweets and deserts portion). The craving for gelato and Hershey’s cookies and cream bar was insane! Although the challenges are over, I’m thinking about doing them again and continuing to maintain my healthy lifestyle. I encourage you to reach out to Rudi Fate at Believe in Fate and take part in this challenge if you are looking to improve your fitness lifestyle.

Day 1 of #OperationGetFineAF

Day 30 of #OperationGetFineAF


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