Motel No. 7


By: Shea Harris

After a long hard week, the first thing I want to do is chill with friends and grab a drink. On Friday, January 15th I did just that. Myself and a few friends attended Jack Daniels Motel No. 7 event. As you can tell you by the name, it was sponsored by the one and only Jack Daniels. I wasn’t really sure what I was walking into, but this was an event that I hate a lot of people missed.

When I arrived to the venue, the general admission line was extremely long. Doors opened at 9:00 pm and the line was already out of control at 8:30 pm. Luckily I had a great friend who arrived a few minutes early and I was able to skip everyone. Now I know you’re probably thinking, how in the world did you just walk past all those people? I did just that. I walked past folks, went under ropes and called it a day.

Once our tickets and id’s were checked, we headed over to the check in tent and picked up our “room keys”, drink chips and signed waivers. Before walking into the venue, pictures taken and our room keys were scanned by the photographer. The room keys were linked to our email addresses on file and pictures were sent directly to our inbox once scanned. Talk about clutch!

When we entered the venue, we were greeted with bell hoppers and a check in counter. If you wanted to check in your jackets, purses or whatever you had on your person, you could do just that! Everywhere we turned, there were pictures to be taken. Jack Daniels thought of possibly everything to make this event memorable. There were hairstylists, barbers and makeup artists to touch you up in case the rain ruined your own masterpiece. There was an outside pool and complimentary bathing suits and swimming trunks available for those who wanted to go swimming. Some took the swimming attire as a souvenir, but by the time I received the memo it was too late.

Two complimentary drink chips were given to each individual that RSVP’d to the event. If you wanted to buy more chips, they were $5 each, but to be honest all you needed was two drinks unless you were really trying to get lit. The most unique thing to me were the Jack Daniels maids. These three women strutted to the beat of the music throughout the venue in their 5 inch heels and served face. They pushed around a cart with matches, towels, napkins, tissue, etc. You name it, they had it on that cart!

The DJ was poppin’ from beginning to end. He played your classic oldies, everyone’s favorite R&B songs and of course a little something to dab to. In true black fashion, everyone hit the electric slide during the oldies set and swag surfed when the beat dropped. To end the night, Ja Rule came out on stage and performed a few of his hit singles. This man did just about every song I could think of: I’m Real, Always On Time, Put It On Me, Clap Back, and the list goes on. Of course he had to take off his shirt in the middle of the set to let us know he hadn’t fallen off. It was nostalgic just to go listen to his music and remember how I felt when those songs came on the radio.

Although the event ended earlier than the city of Miami would have hoped it to, we all ended up enjoying ourselves and continued the after party in Wynwood. Tomorrow I will be attending another Jack Daniels event and I can’t wait to share the deets with you all! I encourage you to follow Jack Daniels on twitter to find out about more of their events in your area.


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