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By: Shea Harris

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Networking with people within your industry is highly important. Fortunately for me, networking is second nature to me. I’m able to connect with people easily and give them a small dose of Shea so they’ll be interested to continue connecting with me in the future.

I never thought of networking as a talent until recently. Some people are not able to use their charm or personality to communicate with people on a professional level. For those people, I want to offer you a bit of insight. Even if you’re an extrovert like me, the rest of this blog post may assist you as well.

When I started applying for jobs outside of North Carolina, I did not know how I would make connections with people or how I would land a job. Instead of having anxiety, I went ahead and used every resource I had to make sure I landed a job. The following job apps were my best friends during the application process:


LinkedIn Jobs

Career Builder




 I downloaded those applications on my cell phone and made sure I queried for jobs that fit my desired career path and those that interested me. Every now and again I would apply for positions requiring more than one year of experience, but it was rare. With a popping résumé and urge to leave North Carolina, those were the only two things fueling me to continue filling out job apps.

The best thing about these job apps was being able to favorite jobs. In my free time I would scroll through the apps, favorite positions and fill out the application at a later time. Not only are you able to favorite jobs, but even some of the apps allow you to apply for the position with “one tap”. That’s right! Forget pulling out your laptop, you can apply for jobs on the go.

Now keep in mind, getting a new job doesn’t happen over night. I began submitting applications in May 2015 and didn’t begin my new job until the end of September 2015. Yes, applying for jobs is a job within itself, but you have to remain determined. Once you find your flow and plan out your evenings, filling out applications gets easier.

During my application process, I made it my goal to complete at least three each evening. To avoid repetition of completing job applications, I made a table such as the following:

Date of Application Position Company
9/15/2015 Cashier Food Lion
9/15/2015 Cashier Kroger
9/15/2015 Cashier Publix

As I received rejection emails I simply strike through the row of the corresponding job position. Now there were days I was rejected numerous times, but I continued telling myself they were making a big mistake.

The job process takes time. If you’re like me and big on networking, use it to your advantage. If you’re more of an introvert, take advantage of the job apps listed above to get out of your current situation. Once you receive an opportunity from one company, everyone begins to contact you. Like Mike Jones said: back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me.


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