Bienvenidos a Miami

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By: Shea Harris

Two things you need to know about Miami:

  1. People can not drive
  2. People are rude

Being a southern girl *cues Frankie Beverly & MAZE*, I’m used to drivers using turning signals, the casual hand wave to say “thank you” and you know…manners. I’m not saying people are just impolite on the roads, I’m saying they are in general. There have been multiple occasions where I’m in Winn Dixie (yes Winn Dixie still exist down here) and someone just cuts me off mid-step and not say excuse me. As soon as I experienced my first dose of rudeness here, I literally said “oh y’all gonna learn some manners now that I’m here!”

Okay let’s get back on topic:

Driving in Miami

Not even a month after I moved here, I got into a car accident with 4 passengers in my vehicle. I just purchased the car and didn’t even make the first car payment. Some how my entire body went numb and all I could think about were the passengers in both vehicles, the car and my insurance increasing. So much guilt came over me: I planned for all of us to go out, I chose to drive, I got in the accident. But through it all, God helped me get over the guilt and my new friends down here somehow still wanted me around lol.

A week after the accident, I received a phone call from my insurance company informing me my car was totaled. I was devastated, worried, all of the above. I barely had the car for a month and now I had to get another. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would finance another car especially since I had just relocated to the area. But God! I was able to start over with a clean slate for a new car and not have my parents cosign for it.

I’m grateful to have learned the many lessons from the night of my accident and apply it to my everyday life. I’ve been able to avoid multiple car crashes just by applying the lessons:

Make sure you come to a complete stop!

Look both ways multiple times!

Remain as calm as possible when driving.

Take all necessary precautions prior to stepping on the gas.

These may seem like simple things to apply to your daily drive, but oh if you could only take a ride with me to the gas station. You have to be aggressive in these Miami streets and drive for others as well.


Dealing with Rude People

Alright, so I want you to imagine you’re in the store with at least 2.5 feet between you and the products you’re looking at. There is a customer coming down the aisle in your direction and they walk directly in front of you without mumbling a word. Wouldn’t that piss you off? Well that’s what happens to me just about every time I go into a store. The manners in this city is at an ultimate low.

As stated earlier, once I realized folks lacked manners I made sure they began to learn. Whenever I’m “blocking” someone’s way, I stand there until I hear the words “excuse me”. I do not budge if I’m in one’s way. You have a mouth for a reason sweetheart, open it up and lets practice being polite. Don’t get me wrong, there are some nice people out here that practice common courtesy, but its rare.

The little bit of rudeness I’ve encountered throughout my living here has made me make an effort to be polite. I understand I don’t know what you’re going through, but please don’t take it out on me. On a positive note I did notice once I started letting my joy of living here show on my face, a lot more kind people have come out of hiding. It also depends on what part of Miami you are in. If you’re in the Aventura area oh chaaa, they are friendliest people I’ve encountered out here! No lie! But seriously, just brace yourself once you visit.

Have you ever had to deal with crappy drivers and/or rude people? Let me know below how you over came it!




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